Custom Builds


Custom Builds

Custom Builds - Introduction

Custom Builds - Introduction

Custom Builds

We build custom built bikes using a selection of the best new steel frames and new parts currently available.

We regularly update our Instagram page with custom builds: @seabasscycles

For enquiries please call our stores or email:


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Custom Builds - Step One

Custom Builds - Step One


Step One

Choosing a Frame

Selecting the frame that's the right size, fits the discipline you will be using if for and of course your budget.

We can answer all your questions...


SOMA Frames

"Soma frames from San Francisco are made from the finest Tange Prestige steel. Designed for everyone.

Practical, durable, comfortable, affordable… these are the primary forces shaping Soma’s ideology. Sounds reasonable right? But why do so many other companies try to emulate the racing world when it’s the smallest segment of the market? Our local bike shops have felt a lack of ‘real’ products aimed at the everyday cyclist and occasionally pitch their ideas at us.

The results: A better tire lever, water bottles that don’t taste like plastic, and steel frames that’s got people smiling from the commute to the singletrack. The San Francisco Bay Area is where we are located. We love the year round riding weather here and the strong bike culture. It’s a great place to live and cultivate new ideas."


Brother Cycles

"Our frames are designed by us in London and are exclusive to Brother Cycles. They are handmade by experienced frame builders out of the best materials, ensuring a high quality product designed to be ridden all day, every day – whether in the city, on the track or out in the wild.

We design, test and ride every one of our frames ourselves. This process, from first concept to finished product, ensures that we are 100% happy with every detail. Our aim is not to release dozens of products every year, but rather a select range of well designed, good looking bicycle frames.

Our frames are our pride and joy so we’re always interested to see where they end up and how they look. Please get in contact once you’ve completed your build and send us some photos – we’ll put them on the website for everyone to see."


Custom Builds - Step Two

Custom Builds - Step Two


Step Two

Parts Packages

We have created a range of packages to fit whichever style of riding… Select a parts package...


Bars, Stems, Seats, Pedals


Brake Groupsets

These packages are for guidance only. Please let us know if you wish to run single speed gearing or swap rim brakes for disk, etc.

Custom Builds - Step Three

Custom Builds - Step Three


Step Three

Wheel Packages

We offer off the shelf hand built wheels. We will generally have stock of the road and touring/disc road wheels built up and ready to take away on the day. 

For our Seabass prebuilt wheels we chose Kinlin rims, Bitex hubs and Sapim Race spokes,. Kinlin offer many very competitive rim options with the features of much more expensive brands. The majority of the rims are tubeless compatible, under 500g and have a very long life breaking surface. Most of the disc rims are offset to which helps to have  a much more even spoke tension.

Bitex hubs again are very competitive with pricing and performance features. They are very light offer a 6 pawl engagement system, hard wearing bearings and are very easy to service. We have tried and tested many hub brands and for the money we feel Bitex are  a really solid choice. 

We also have the choice of Hope Tech hubs for the next level up of our pre-hand built wheels. We do however stock and have access to many other rim and hub brands.

For enquiries please call our stores or email:


Custom Builds - Step Four

Custom Builds - Step Four

Step Four

Contact Us

Please contact us via the form below or visit us us at our Peckham workshop to disucss your Custom Wheel Build further.


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Custom Builds - Gallery

Custom Builds - Gallery

Custom Builds

A selection of the custom builds we have built over the past 5 years...