Frame building and Repairs

At the moment we can offer a small range of frame repairs and alterations. This includes removing seized items such as seat-posts, stems and bottom brackets and adding additional bosses and eyelets.

Frame building will be coming soon along with lots of other custom fabrication services. Please get in touch if interested.

Bikes in for frame repair or alterations may need parts stripping for the work to be carried out, we can advise on this per individual job.

All prices include materials, labour and VAT


Price List:

  • Bottle boss £25.00 pair
  • Bottom bracket cable guides £12.00 each
  • Cable guides £11.50 each
  • Cable stops £11.50 each
  • New gear hanger brazed to dropout, from £30.00
  • Front mech braze on £30.00
  • Canti brake boss £38.00 pair
  • Canti rear cable hanger £22.00 (Custom hangers can be made on request).
  • Disc brake mount inc support, from £75.00
  • Hydraulic cable guides £10.00 each
  • Brake bridge, from £35.00
  • Chainstay bridge, from £28.00
  • Dropout replacement, From £100 for the pair, using our standard track or road dropouts.
  • Fill dents, from £15.00
  • Remove braze ons, from £10.00
  • Adding braze to damaged fork thread, from £25.00
  • Rack mounts £30.00 pair
  • Mudguard mounts £25.00 pair

We can also do these in package deals.

  • Full set of touring eyelets for front and rear, from £85.00 (Please enquire for more details)
  • Full mudguard eyelets inc chainstay bridge, from £75.00 (Please enquire for more details)


Removal of seized components using heat:

  • Seatpost, from £30.00
  • Stem, from £30.00 (Threads on forks re-cut if applicable) Applies to steel steerer only.
  • Bottom Bracket, from £30.00