Wheel building 


A solid set of wheels is one of the most important parts of the bike and we believe a hand built set is the best way to achieve this.

Having come from from a history of riding dirt jumps, BMX and growing up in London I have been through a lot of wheels.

I learnt many years ago cheap wheels don't last. To invest in a set of hand built wheels is the way to go.


We sponsor The 5th Floor, a road, cyclo cross and track team. We have designed and built numerous wheels sets for them and many other people from all disciplines and styles riding. We know what works for every purpose.


We stock a range of rims, hubs and spokes from high end manufactures to ensure we will have the right combination for you.


Get in touch to have your own custom set built.




Listed below are some examples of hubs and rims we stock. If there is something specific you want we will be able to get it in a couple of days.