At Seabass Cycles we have an extensive selection of bicycles and frames ranging from the sixties to present day. We have cupboards, boxes and cabinets full of components. We can custom build bikes with period groupsets or with new high end modern components. All of our wheels are built in house by experienced wheel builders.  

Our decision to focus on selling traditional, handmade, steel frame bikes was due to their quality and charm but also to their durability and versatility. Due to the strong but forgiving steel, they make great racing bikes but are also perfect for commuting. Traditional steel frame bikes and their components were made to last, unlike many of the bikes that are manufactured and sold today. 

Seabass Cycles participate in the Cycle to Work Scheme.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a government legislation that allows you to save up to 42% on your new bike and safety equipment and spread the cost via monthly payments. Click the link to find out more.