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Sven Cycles

We are proud to offer Sven Cycles bicycles designed for everyday riding and touring. All are handmade in Dorset, Great Britain, since 2012. Whether you are looking for an everyday commuter, a stylish road bike, a tourer capable of weekend jaunts or continental crossings - Sven Cycles offer the perfect bikes.


Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as old-school mountain bikes, the French constructeurs, and the great British frame building tradition, Dorset’s Sven Cycles are devoted to manufacturing magnificent machines for the discerning rider. Every Sven cycle is a work of art, made by craftsmen with a distinctly British sense of pride in its construction and assembly. Their frames, built with the best materials and equipped with the most practical components, are intended to bring many years of riding pleasure to their owners. A Sven Cycle isn’t just another pushbike, it’s a valued — and loved — part of your riding life.

From their workshop in Weymouth, Dorset, Sven Cycles have created a range of Rohloff Touring bikes and Roadsters, designed to deliver a distinctly efficient and enjoyable ride — and built to last a lifetime. Componentry and finishing touches can be individually customised from a range of options; and, being available in standard sizes, build timescales are very fast.

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Cycling + 4/5 stars
"The Pathfinder is a monster of a bike and if this debut off-the-peg bike is anything to go by, Sven Cycles has a bright future bringing back homegrown bike manufacturing." Printed in September ’17 issue.


Grit CX
"If you are a looking for a bike that will bring back interest to local trails versus a mountain bike and prioritises fun over out and out pace, then the Pathfinder is a worthy choice. Add to that the stand-out looks and reasonable value, and Sven have got a true modern day classic on their hands"  Read more here and here