For a custom Seabass Build, start with the frame you like, select the "BUILD" option and choose from the various offerings within each component category.

If you need help making your decision, we've put together a "cheat sheet" with some information on each of the options we recommend.

Click HERE for more information on how to choose your custom bike parts.

Once you’ve made your picks and paid your bill, we’ll be in touch to confirm all of your selections. You can expect to have your custom one-of-a-kind Seabass build fully assembled and ready to ride away inside two weeks.

We’d much prefer to have you collect in-person so we can size you up, fit the bike to your body and set up the contact points for you but shipping can be arranged if you can’t make it to our shop.

If you find our bike builder to be too limiting and it doesn’t cover the specifics you’d prefer, simply drop us a line and we’ll build your one-of-a-kind for you just the way you want it.