Mass made ‘Off-the-Peg’ bikes are great but they have their limitations; they’re designed to be average, to serve more people and to satisfy the varied needs of a large potential customer base.

A ‘catch-all’ approach and a fixed budget can sometimes mean concessions in functionality.
What might be marketed as a bike for “everyone” can instead be a bike that is perfect for some riders but just isn’t quite right for you.

With a custom-build comes the freedom to choose anything you want based on your own needs as an individual rider. This freedom can be confusing and intimidating...
How do you know which rims are stiffest?
Which parts can be easily serviced at home?
Which groupset is compatible with your frame?
Do you really need to have a Chris King headset?

Our custom bike builder cuts away all the nonsense, removing the need to study bike brand websites and become an expert before you make your purchase!

We’ve put together options that use some of the best components out there. None of the recommendations we make are “cheap” but some are better on your wallet compared to higher-end parts but all are GOOD; they work well, have lasted through the abuse we’ve put them through and we’re happy to recommend them.

Start with the frame you like, select the "BUILD" option and choose from the various offerings within each component category.

Once you’ve made your picks and paid your bill, we’ll be in touch to confirm all of your selections. You can expect to have your custom one-of-a-kind Seabass build fully assembled and ready to ride away inside two weeks.

We’d much prefer to have you collect in-person so we can size you up, fit the bike to your body and set up the contact points for you but shipping can be arranged if you can’t make it to our shop.

If you find our bike builder to be too limiting and it doesn’t cover the specifics you’d prefer, simply drop us a line and we’ll build your one-of-a-kind for you just the way you want it.