General Repairs

Our standing minimum labour charge is for any job that is not in our general repairs list that takes us time and/or specialist tools to do. This may be in addition to a job that is listed.

There are things we wont charge for, such as small jobs like adjusting angle of your seat or handlebars, swapping pedals etc.

Standing minimum labour charge – from £5.00



Inner tube replacement – £5.00

The price is for replacing the inner tube and or tyre on a standard non hub geared bike. We will check for the cause of the puncture if applicable, check the condition of the rim and the tyre.


Install/Replace 1 x Derailleur or Gear cable and gear set-up – £15

Install/Replace 2 x Derailleur or Gear cable and gear set-up – £30

Install / replace 1 x Gear shifter – £15

Install / replace 2 x Gear shifter – £30

Straighten or install rear mech hanger and gear set-up – £15

Install road STI levers and set up– £40


Hydraulic brake bleed – from £15 per brake

Fit 1 x new brake pads or cable – £8

Fit 2 x new brake pads or cable – £15

Drive Chain

Install new Chain/sprockets and gear set-up - £20

Install new Chain/sprocket single speed - £10

Complete de-grease of drive train and set up – £30


Fit front or rear rack – £8

Fit Full length mudguard – £8

Fit drop bar tape – £8

Bottom bracket service/fitting – £20

Strip out old unit, check threads and facing, clean, re-grease and install new bb or bearings.

Tap and face BB shell on bare frame – £10

Headset service/fitting/fork fitting – £20

Strip out old unit, check cups and facing, clean , re-grease and install new headset/fork/bearings.

Removal of BB or Headset for painting - £10

Removal of Seized/rusted parts - from £15

Sometimes parts such as stems, seat-posts and bottom brackets are seized/rusted in the frame. When this is the case additional labour/time and sometimes specialist tools are needed to remove the item. 

Wheel Repairs

Replace 1 x spoke and true wheel - from £16

The wheel is removed from your bike, tyre and tube removed, cassette/freewheel removed, spoke replaced, all spokes checked and the wheel trued. Additional spokes £1. Our standard spokes are Sapim.

True wheel – From £10

Hub cone adjustment – From £5

Hub service – From £15
This involves stripping the hub of old bearings and replacing them with new ones.

All our mechanics are Cytech qualified and have many years of experience servicing all types of bicycle.
Please get in touch if you have any questions.