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Ride About - Surrey Hills

Event Location: Surrey Hills - Etherley Farm.

Start Time: 6pm Friday 26th July.

Finish Time: Loosely around 4pm Sunday 28th July.

The event will start with setting up camp on the Friday night, followed by a night time 'Dynamo Ride' around the local woodland.

Followed by two days or riding around the Surrey Hills.


This unique getaway invites cyclists of all levels to pedal through breathtaking sceneries, camp under the stars, and indulge in the finest coffee, beer, and food. Join us on a bicycle adventure that promises not just a journey through picturesque landscapes but also an unforgettable experience of camaraderie, relaxation, and fun.

Our cycling adventure unfurls in the enchanting landscapes of Surrey Hills, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that boasts some of the most inviting cycling routes in the region. The expedition kicks off from the delightful Etherley Farm campsite, a spot renowned for its captivating scenery and lively community atmosphere. As we push off from Etherly, participants will be treated to a route that meanders through idyllic country lanes, lush woodlands, and undulating hills presenting expansive views that epitomize the charm of the English countryside. Our meticulously crafted routes will be designed to accommodate cyclists of varying abilities, ensuring an enriching experience that will be challenging and rewarding for each participant. As we pedal through this picturesque landscape, riders will discover the unique beauty and tranquility of Surrey Hills, making every turn and climb a memorable part of our adventure together.

As dusk falls on Surrey Hills, our group will find solace in a secluded meadow, transforming it into our temporary home under the star lite night sky. The Friday evening begins with the setup of our campsite, This moment offers a unique opportunity to bond with fellow adventurers over shared stories, creating a warm atmosphere of community and friendship. The crackling of the campfire becomes the evening's soundtrack, accompanied by the symphony of nature's nocturnal life. Participants are invited to partake in a activities or simply relish the peacefulness that night in the outdoors provides. From roasting marshmallows over the flames to engaging in quiet reflection, the night is yours to enjoy as you please.

Rejuvenated from a peaceful night under the stars and a hearty breakfast, our cyclists are ready to embrace the day's challenges and rewards. The trails ahead promise an immersive journey through the heart of Surrey Hills, with each pedal stroke unveiling the region's splendid beauty and its serene, untamed corners. As we navigate through this new chapter of our adventure, the landscape around us shifts, offering a diverse tapestry of scenery - from dense, whispering forests to open, sun-kissed valleys that stretch toward the horizon.

Our expert guides are at the helm, ensuring a smooth journey while sharing tales and insights that enrich our understanding of the area's rich heritage and ecological significance. The day's route is carefully plotted to strike a balance between exhilaration and accessibility, allowing cyclists of various skill levels to find their rhythm and savor the experience. Challenges along the way, like steep ascents, are met with encouragement and camaraderie, turning each hill conquered into a collective victory.

Strategic stops are woven into our itinerary, giving everyone the chance to rest, hydrate, and capture moments of beauty through their lenses. These pauses also allow for reflection on the journey thus far and foster deeper connections among the group, as shared experiences become the foundation of new friendships. Riding through Surrey Hills today, we are not just a group of cyclists but a vibrant community, united by the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of discovery on the open road.



Saturday & Sunday:

    • Routes will be between, approx 25 - 40 mile each. Each route will be lead by a team leader. Routes will be availible to download so you can go off and your own pace if you want.


    • 90% off road. Minimum tyre width 35mm

What to bring: 

    • Pack as if you are riding solo. There are no bicycle shops on route. Seabass will have a marquee and workstand on site for minor repairs.We will also have some inner tubes, tire levers, pump etc...
    • There will also be stalls from Wizard Works and Surly Bikes (demo bikes availible for hire)

The Friday night:

    • Unlead ride around the woods. A time to explore, get lost and make your way back to camp for a beer and toasted marshmallow.

Camping info:

    • Routes will be made public, nearer the time.
    • Bring full camping kit.
    • Hot showers/Toilets/Drinking water all availible onsite
    • Hot food/Coffee/Beers/Refreshments availible from Fri-Sun. (not included in ticket price)
    • There is a Farm shop onsite for most essentials. Local cider, fire wood, toothpaste etc..
    • Site rules/map/rubbish bins will be provided

Getting there:

    • Closest train station is Dorking approx 8 miles from camp
    • Parking is available onsite but is limited and needs to be a first come basis.

Ticket info:

    • Early Bird £65 / Full Price £85
    • Fri/Sat/Sun
    • Routes will be availible via Komoot
    • Goodie bags on arrival


I think, thats it for now! We've probably missed some details so any questions, just email us! We'll put more info our regarding, food truck, beer tent, route map, hire bikes etc.. nearer the time.

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