CC-3.2 - Chain Wear Indicator

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A worn chain shifts poorly and wears sprockets at an accelerated rate.

The CC-3.2 is a go/no-go gauge designed to accurately indicate when a chain reaches .5% and .75% "stretch," the points at which most chain manufacturers suggest replacement.

For 9 and 10-speed chains, replace chain just as the gauge fits the 0.75% side fits flat into the chain.

For 11 and 12-speed chain, replace as the 0.5% side fits.

The CC-3.2 is long, accurate and features permanent measurement markings.

The CC-3.2 works on most derailleur chains from 5 to 12-speed. Check with manufacturer for specific replacement instructions.

Use the CC-4 for SRAM® AXS 12 Speed Road chains

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